3 Things to know about your website

Since we started Chinook Media it's become very clear to me that most business owners are spending their time in the wrong places. The majority of businesses create a website and leave it sitting there for years without making adjustments and refreshing the content. Many of them don't even have their analytics setup!

Since the competition on the internet has been multiplying rapidly, the search engines have had to adjust their product to remain relevant and there is no better example than Google. They realized that applying search queries to the geographical location of the user was extremely important. That is nothing but great news for small business. Wondering how this affects your website?

First off, SEO is one of the most talked about topic with all small business owners looking to get the upper hand. When talking with business owners, they always tell me how "this guy called from Texas saying e could get me to #1 for this one-time fee". They are getting peppered by sales teams from all over the world. The trouble is they don't have the knowledge in this game to understand what the real deal is.

Secondly, you must realize as a business person that there is no Aspirin for SEO. Think of any one aspect of your business where you paid someone a minimal fee to do anything and received huge value instantly? Short of paying a model to go stand at the street corner flipping a sign, these things just don't happen and I am regularly disturbed at how business owners get taken for a ride by these people.

Lastly, if you have limited time and money you should make changes to your website, not spending time trying to figure out social media. Your ROI will be much greater by spending time and money on your website instead of Facebook. You can go to your site and add content and remove anything that is not performing. If you have the resources to take it further, then I suggest putting together a social media plan and going from there. 

The reason I Wanted to share this information with you is simply to make you understand that your website is and always will be your most powerful digital marketing tool. It's even a great engine to find out where your consumers are looking and what they want which can help you make better business decisions for your physical store.

The next time you get a phone call from these "experts" think of what you've just read and apply that to your questions for that person. I'm sure there are some of those people that will help, they can't all be bad but with a limited advertising budget, make the best decisions possible.


To help business owners understand what the online world is and how it can help your long-term growth plan, we've introduced monthly learning workshops. They are a great way for the DIY business to learn what is useful and how to change your current activities to gain more business. You can register for our sessions here: chinookmedia.ca/workshops

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