A Canadian comedy show tells us about advertising

I just finished watching a preview of Letterkenny Problems on CTV. It's probably the best 30 minutes of tv I've watched. Modern Canadian comedy tv at its finest. You can find it on Crave TV.

Lately, I've been reading a lot on consumer trends. Much has been pointing to the fact that consumers have the ability to personalize their entertainment consumption. Streaming video to your TV from the internet is nothing new but it is gaining speed.

This is an amazing thing for the digital marketing world. Traditional media is dying as the impressions a business gets in those medias (print, radio, tv) are largely irrelevant. I ask everyone where their marketing dollars are spent. When one mentions radio, they almost always say that it's expensive or their friend told them they heard the ad. The obvious follow-up is "how much business did it get you"?

If a business understands it's customers, it can save a lot of money by delivering its advertisements in a meaningful way using digital advertising. They do this by using the internet to track website traffic and building consumer profiles. This is an unbelievable resource to help understand where consumers are looking and spending their money.

If you're looking to understand how this works and want to get together to discuss send me an email and let's get you started. Chinookdigitalmedia@gmail.com