Get found!

5 billion searches are performed every day. Are you being found?

Consumers start their searches on Google, Bing, Yahoo and a few others. Today Google owns an overwhelming majority of the attention. Facebook is also a "search engine" per se, but their goal is to keep people on Facebook and not send them to your site. If they do, they loose the "google juice". Your website NEEDS to be the center of your marketing universe and be the host for your calendar of events, marketplace, videos, etc. Collect emails, share information, engage and you will be very happy you put the time in.

There is a saying that Google (and all search engines) will only love you once everyone loves you first. In order for your business to get some online love, you need a strong website (not necessarily expensive or intricate), engaging content and active social channels.

Once you have a website, your goal is to get people to see it! Use social media, digital advertising, and content to get consumers to get to your site, spend some time there and visit many pages. That's how you get found, get ahead of your competitors and make more sales.

The businesses that will win the game are the ones that send all activities to their site, adapt to the ever-changing online environment and use data to help them understand where the next move is. If this sounds like something you would love to do, join our mailing list for more information as we release it.

Lately, I've been getting more and more business owners talking about how they don't need a website because they use Facebook as their website. Facebook does have its merits and when used properly can be an amazing compliment to your marketing activities. Here are 3 extremely important things you need to know if this is the case for your business.

1-Not everyone is on Facebook

2-You are giving away your "google juice or SEO" to Facebook instead of collecting it for your business growth.

3-Someday you will need a website and all the time you've spent on Facebook will go unnoticed and you will start from ground 0.

PS: If someone calls trying to sell you online services (advertising, SEO stuff, etc.) and it sounds really greasy, RUN! There is no Aspirin for SEO, you need to put the time in building strong content, social channels and most importantly an awesomely engaging website you are proud of. Long-term growth will make it much harder for your competitors to get ahead of you.

We also use an extremely complete and powerful SEO generator called If you haven't seen it yet, click on the link and claim your free business profile. Get in there, check it out and have some fun with it. It's awesome! If your business isn't included simply add it or email me and I'll get you involved. 

Simply fill out the contact for on the site and we will notify you as we release more information to help you grow.

Paul -digital marketing strategist