Using Videos on Social Media

Tips to Expand Your Business’s Exposure

Social media videos aren’t just for cats and people falling, anymore. They are now an important part of any social media campaign that all small business should be utilizing. Social Media video posts naturally reach 135% more people than photos alone. Here are some must-know tips before you start utilizing the power of videos.

Should you Broadcast Live from Your Business?!

Facebook recently implemented a live broadcast feature that had so much success that Twitter expanded its live features as well. Live allows you to interact with potential customers in real time and allows them to watch the videos later. Also, Facebook users spend 3x longer watching a Facebook Live video than a normal pre-recorded video. Go live from behind the scenes of your business and show your customers where the magic happens or test a new product.


CAUTION- LIVE video can be difficult if you are not comfortable in front of the camera. Remember those live events are live and can’t be redone! If you mess up…You mess up!

-TIP! Try pre-recording first get comfortable with that. Remember sound quality and set up will represent your business. Quality and sound are important. Getting a professional to come in and set you up could be SUPER beneficial, save time and money in the long run. Let us know we can help!

Choose the Correct Length of Videos for your Social Media Platform

Social media attention spans are short. But they also vary depending on platform. Make sure you use the correct length of your videos for your preferred platform.

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Facebook – Facebook has the potential for the longest videos, but people don’t want to stop scrolling through their news feed for 5 minutes to watch your video. Keep them to 3 minutes or less and use interesting titles.

Twitter – Just like tweets should be 140 characters or less, videos shared on Twitter should be short, sweet and perhaps even direct viewers somewhere else, like YouTube. Thirty seconds is the goal.

Instagram – No greater than 30 seconds. Instagram videos can be a minute long, but that’s not very “insta” now is it?

Snapchat – Snapchat videos should be short, choppy, and convey a lot of information effectively. In total, a video series can be as long as you want it to be, as long as it keeps the viewer’s attention

Don’t Rely on Sound but get good quality!

Your video doesn't need studio quality audio.

Your video doesn't need studio quality audio.

Go back to the time of silent films because 85% of social media videos are watched without sound. Many people are watching videos on their phones at work or in public. Instead, use large captions and catchy titles. You don’t have to convey everything without sound, but the viewer should be able to get the message without it. Think about your sound. If the audio is bad people will subconsciously think that represents your business.

Be persistent with Quality and Content

Finally, be persistent. Social media users are more likely to watch videos from pages they’ve seen before. Make a weekly video series that is engaging and interesting so that viewers will recognize it on their feed and not dismiss it as an advertisement.

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