4 things to know about websites

I'm often asked about websites and the role they play in the "big picture". It all starts with your business goals. Let's discuss why your website is the most important part of your image.

1-Consumer behaviour is shaping where businesses spend their marketing dollars. Think of your last buying decision. You see a product or company on social media, in a digital advertisement or your friend told you how much they love their shoes. That sparks interest and you go online searching for that brand to see what options they have. You could drive all over town looking for that product, call a bunch of stores but most likely you want the information NOW so you go online. If you can't find it from a local business, you will buy online from a website that looks "legitimate". An old website does not infuse much confidence in you to share your financial information, does it?

2-Your website is your first point of contact for an interested buyer. They may see your posts on social but if they're serious about researching your stuff, they end up on your website. If they go to the trouble of finding your website, they want to buy. What kind of message do you want to send? An updated, complete and easy to navigate website screams BUSINESS!

3-The good news is your website shouldn't be intricate work of art. They need to get the consumer to the information they are looking for in a few clicks. You should not spend a ton of money on the site because it's not likely the last one you will build. The days of creating a website and updating the information infinitely are gone. The nature of the online world and how fast things change mean that the stuff that was built 5 years ago may be irrelevant today. Search engines are constantly learning about consumers and adapting their SEO (search engine optimization) algorithms, your website needs to reflect these changes. In many cases, you'll spend less money buying a new one that paying someone to fix/update your old one. Instead of putting band-aids on your leaky pipe, replace it!

4-In a general sense, small businesses should never spend more than $3000 on a website. Your marketing dollars will be much better served by creating rich content for your $3000 website rather than eating up your budget to pay off a $15000 bill to a web designer. Make a commitment to stay on top of trends and update your website regularly flying a flag telling the search engines and consumers that you value their time and want their business.

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