People ignore design that ignores people.
— Frank Chimero


Having a website is a must for a business, word of mouth and referrals are great but the first thing a new lead will do is online research. Chinook Media can create and/or revamp your website but our ultimate goal is to use your website as the home base in which to drive traffic, leads and sales. We want to expose the consumer to you and your unique brand. An engaging experience will generate more qualified leads and increased business walking through your doors.

Please visit "Our Work" page for examples of our website design.

Options to fit your needs

1 - Custom Website - Totally Yours

We truly believe you don't need to re-invent the car, you just need to build a better one. As businesses move to digital with their advertising resources, custom websites are a perfect way to represent your business online. Our custom sites don't use any stock imagery, graphics or creative content of any kind.


2 - Storm Sites - a great middle ground

Our storm sites are perfect for the business that needs an online representation with limited tools. If there are no logins, file sharing, media exchange tools, the Storm Site may just be perfect for you. These sites still offer e-commerce abilities.


3 - Website* - most affordable

Our solutions are outstanding value! Perfect for the small DIY-type of business looking to replace their old website with an easy-to-manage mobile-friendly option. Combined with integrated tools from your membership, you have an extremely powerful digital marketing base to help promote your business.

*Monthly Membership required. For more information please go to